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In spite of all the good advice about how to take care of your back, you should go see your Chiropractor as to why you have the back ache. Most of us will experience acute back pain at some stage during our lifetime. In acute stage, the most important factors are to settle pain and prevent further problems. When the pain is settled, it is important to build up your muscle strength and learn how to lift and carry, you don't want your backache to return.  This will be advised by your Chiropractor.


A sudden attack of backache can depress even the toughest characters, and depression can make the pain seem to be worse. therefore, it is always wise to keep as occupied as possible - try reading, or some other activity to take your mind of the pain. Too much rest can also get in the way of your recovery. 


Your Chiropractor will perform spinal manipulation to improve spinal function and alleviate the stress on your neuromusculoskeletal system. Your Chiropractor may also advise on nutrition and a change in diet, with an addition to multi-vitamins. In addition, dry needling, soft tissue therapy, kinesio-taping, electrotherapy, individual stretching and strengthening exercises will be given. 


To do at home to help your recovery process:


1. Bed - most people will benefit from having a firm base under the mattress. The mattress itself does not necessarily have to be hard. It should be comfortable and firm enough to support your spine. 


2. To get out of bed - When rising from lying down, turn onto your side first, swing your legs over the edge and come up with your back held straight.


3. Walking - it is important to move around and not be sitting or lying still in the acute stage of your back pain. Take regular short walks, and increase the distance when pain settles. 


4. Coughing & Sneezing - Try to stand up and bend backwards and increase the lordosis when you cough or sneeze.


5. Cooling - an ice pack (or bag of frozen peas) wrapped in a pillow case should be applied to your back in the acute stage, for maximum 10 minutes. This will reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. This may be done 3-4 times a day, and before and after exercise. After 48 hours of acute pain, you may now slowly introduce heat therapy for maximum 10 minutes at a time. 


6. Exercise - rather perform low-impact exercises that is within your pain-free range of motion. If you suffer pain, you have probably been too vigorous. 


7. Go see your Chiropractor - when pain settles, this does not mean your care regime with your Chiropractor is complete. A maintenance program will prevent new episodes of pain. 


Call us today to receive your Chiropractic adjustment. Come on. Get adjusted. 


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