Is your Baby experiencing Colic?

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Is your baby exhibiting excessive crying, clenched fists, abnormal posturing, or problems with suckling? Your baby may be experiencing colic.

Infantile colic is described as “explainable and uncontrollable crying in babies aged 0-3 months for more than 3 hours per day, more than 3 days a week, and more than 3 weeks”.  Other signs include:

·         the baby’s knees pulled up to the chest,

·         extension of the trunk or extremities,

·         irritability,

·         delayed postural patterning, or

·         myriad of other vague clinical symptoms which may extend beyond 3 months.

I prefer the term “irritable baby”, as you can see there are numerous signs and symptoms, and causes for your baby to become irritable.

What causes Colic?

No one knows for sure what causes colic, however, below are some of the most likely factors leading to this dysfunction:

·         Mechanical stresses or trauma during delivery and pregnancy can cause misalignments in the spine, which leads to nerve dysfunction, and thus irritation of the digestive system

·         Mother’s diet, lactose intolerance, stress during pregnancy, and a family history of colic

·         Immature digestive system

For my moms and dads:

See where your baby’s hands are. They often use sign language to tell you where their pain is.

Go through your checklist. Maybe your baby is hungry, maybe they have a wet nappy, maybe they are tired, and just want your hugs and warmth. Find ways to soothe them, and teach them to self-soothe, like using a dummy.

Remember, babies cry all the time. Sometimes for no reason, and that is most likely because of all the sensory stimulation they are receiving all day and don’t know how to interpret it. They are new to this world. Teach them well during the day, but bring them down and calm them at night.

Speak to your trusted paediatrician if baby is unwell and even running a fever. Other conditions may too cause your baby to be irritable and cry excessively, for which needs to rule be out; such as middle ear infection, chest infection, reflux, and meningitis.

I highly recommend for your baby to see a Chiropractor, especially during their first year of life, and when they reach a new milestone. This is a great way to ensure their nervous system is functioning optimally, and their spine and coordination are developing well.

How does a Chiropractor treat your baby?

Chiropractic paediatric treatment involves the application of gentle, manual and mobilization techniques to the neck and spine, as well as any other areas of the infant body that demonstrate tightness or restriction. This releases spinal joint restrictions and muscle tension, for which will help calm your baby’s over-aroused nervous system. Tips on feeding, postural correction and strengthening are also advised.  

Call us today to schedule your baby’s Chiropractic adjustment. You would need one too.


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