Osteoporosis. What your Chiropractor can do for you!

Osteoporosis. What your Chiropractor can do for you! image

Osteoporosis is one of those chronic medical conditions that are prevalent, particularly in those over the ages of 60. About one in two women, and one in four men, over the ages of 50, may sustain an osteoporotic fracture. This usually involves a spinal vertebrae, shoulder, wrist or hip joint.  A common tell-tale sign is an elder person losing height!

It is estimated that 20% of people of the ages of 60 who fractures a spinal vertebra or joint, will suffer secondary complications of osteoporosis. They may no longer be able to walk, wash or even dress unassisted. Only some are lucky to regain their full independence. It is alarming that many older people are not getting tested for osteoporosis, and not having the standard treatment that can help reduce their risk of fractures.

Reversing the risk factors is key!  Such risk factors include:

·         drinking alcohol

·         smoking

·         lack of weight-bearing exercise - in doing so, such activities will help strengthen the muscles and bones, and slow down the loss of bone mass

·         Calcium and Vitamin D are essential for bone health - If you are post-menopausal or over the ages of 50, you should consume 1200mg of calcium per day (which is equivalent to 2x 250ml glasses of milk, a matchbox size block of hard cheese, or standard portion of yoghurt). You may also consider supplementation

·         Obstructive hazards at home, such as steps and rugs – this may increase the risk of one falling, and so installing ramps and removing anything that one can trip and fall over, will help reduce the risk of fracturing one’s joint.

Specialists, such as Rheumatologists, do suggest that those over the ages of 60 should be scanned for osteoporosis, especially those on steroids or hormonal treatments for cancer. 

The main investigation is a DEXA scan, where one lies on a special x-ray table and scans a picture of your lumbar spine and hip joint, to measure the bone density.


What can your local Chiropractor do for you?

Osteoporosis is not contra-indicated to Chiropractic care. Your Chiropractor has many tools in his tool box that he can use to ease your aches and pains.

Spinal and extremity joint mobilizations are gentle techniques to release abnormal joint tension and scar tissue build-up. He may also use heat therapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy, and even taping/strapping, to relieve muscle tension.

Lastly, education plays an important role in maintaining your bone health. Your chiropractor may advise you on supplementation, dietary changes and substitutes, and at-home stretches and strengthening exercises.


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