Avoid Sitting when Exercising

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Sitting forces your spine to be in an unnatural passive state, which is a main reason why sitting is not great for your health and well-being. 

Our spines are designed to be mobile, dynamic, flexible, and resilient. With the increasing prevalence of sitting in traffic, working in front of a computer all day, TV's and iPads, many people spend most of their days sitting. Unfortunately, many people also exercise while sitting, or lying down too, which simply does not help.

Every joint in your body thrives on motion! To stay healthy, they require motion to pump the nutrients in, as the joints do not have a direct blood supply. So you should put every joint in your body through its full range of motion, every single day. Otherwise, your joints will start to degenerate faster and sooner. 

Motion also stimulates your brain and nervous system, because your joints are full of motion never receptors, which are essential for keeping you functioning properly. 

By exercising while standing, your nerve receptors, spinal joints, and the hundreds of surrounding ligaments and muscles are activated, to support you, and thereby strengthening your back. Apparently, you also burn 3 times more energy when you're standing, in comparison to sitting. 

We are designed to walk. If we take that away from our lifestyle, all sorts of problems develop. You should take a brisk 20 minute walk at least 3 times a week. This is also essential, even if you do other types of exercise. If you enjoy cycling, make sure the rest of your exercise routine does not involved sitting or lying down. 

So stay on your feet, and give your spine and legs what they yearn for! As your spinal column strengthens, your whole body will feel the benefits! A simple and fun way to do this is by dancing to your favourite song!

Call us today to check and maintain full mobility and range of motion of your joints! 

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