New Year! New You!

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Cut the word “should” from your vocabulary

The new year is a time where you inevitably take stock of your life and how you’re doing — and you probably wind up thinking things like, “I should be healthier, I should be fitter, I should…” etc., etc.

This causes us to engage in behaviours that are completely against what we want. Instead, replace ‘should’ with ‘I would like to”, or “I will”. Check it out: I would like to be healthier. I would like to stop spending so much time on my phone. I would like to go to bed at a decent-ish hour…


Learn a new language

Learning a new language may do much more than make you travels easier. Bilingualism requires the flexibility to switch between languages, and tend to be faster at switching between other types of tasks. Bilinguals tend to have better executive control, a combination of cognitive processes that help you make decisions, control impulses and plan thoughtfully.  


Do a good deed for someone else

Do something for others this year. Volunteer… you may also be helping yourself! 


Go on an adventure

Going on an adventure may physically change your brain. In a recent study, mice that boldly went forth and explored their environment grew more neurons than their less adventurous companions – even though all the mice were genetically identical. While this study only examined mice, it shows a direct link between individual behaviour and neuroplasticity and may begin to explain how we develop individual personalities. 

Whether you travel to a country that’s on your bucket list, or find a spot in your city that you’ve never explored, take an adventure of you own!


Last but not least, get adjusted!

Research findings suggest that Chiropractic adjustments improve cortical function and balance, nervous system function, language skills, motivation, thinking, memory, digestion and quality of life. Not to mention a wonderful sense of well-being too!

Regular adjustments reduce stress levels and inflammation processes, thus reducing pain. Research supports the power of the Chiropractic adjustment to improve the control system of the body.





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