Get Comfortable in Your Seat!

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We spend most of our days sitting in front of machines. On average, we sit for 9.3 hours per day! It's time to change your workstation, and straighten up! Or else, you're going to keep visiting your local Chiropractor!

It's easy. Follow these steps below:


  • Make sure your feet is rested flat on the floor. A footrest is recommended if you're a little too short for your workbench.

  •  A high back chair is best, where shoulders can be relaxed in a backward/downward position, resting on the back of the chair. You can slightly recline the chair 10-20 degrees from vertical.

  • Raise your office chair until the elbows are at the height of the keyboard, and that your hips are slightly higher than the knees. It's important to keep your elbows close to your body and that your shoulders are relaxed down.

  • Sit as far back in your chair as possible, so that your lower back is resting up against the chair. If there is still a gap between your spine and the chair, a lumbar support pillow may be used.

  • You must place the most top line of the monitor display at approximate eye level; and that your viewing distance is as far as possible while still being able to see the screen display clearly. You can raise the monitor on books or on a stand.

  • Keep your keyboard close in close proximity, shoulders relaxed, and wrists in line with your forearms. If you are using a pc mouse, try using the mouse in line with your shoulder. 

Using a standing desk boosts productivity, strengthens other muscles and improve posture overall. 

  • Make sure that you are standing tall and strong, with your tummy muscles tucked in towards your spine, but your shoulders are relaxed and chest is open. 

  • Make sure your monitor is at eye level, and you may tilt it 10-20 degrees backwards. 

  • Your work bench and contents must be at elbow height. 

Keep moving! Happy working!


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